Welcome to #EvilNet channel. Here you will find the channel rules.

Don’t ask for ops, voice, modes, kicks, bans, kills, glines, o/O:lines, ilines, etc. Ever!
  1. “Treat others as you wish to be treated.”
  2. No flooding channels, users, staff members, or spamming.
  3. No distribution of copyrighted material or pornography.
  4. No multiplayer gaming cheat channels.
  5. No clones.
  6. No DoS/ICMP mass ping attacks or Nukes.
  7. No channel takeovers.
  8. No attempts to disrupt network services.
  9. No racism and/or Nazism.
  10. No spamming and/or advertising.
  11. No hacking (including Virus/Trojan distribution).
  12. No actions we, the operators, regard as abuse.
  13. No advertising other IRC networks.
  14. Do not change, set, or modify modes or access for other users. Let people op/voice themselves. To be more clear, do not voice people who are not in E’s access list, except if the channel is (emergency) moderated.
  15. If you use a script, you are responsible for knowing what your script does and how to turn off features that violate any of our rules. Problem scripts may be banned entirely.

To report abuse or spam received in private message contact support here: http://evilnet.org/support/ be aware that opers cannot police private messages. Use /ignore to block any unwanted chats.

If you need clarification regarding a ban or other operator action, ask about it in a polite and respectful private message. If you are not satisfied or believe that an operator is abusing his or her position, please use support to lodge a complaint. Incoherent rants will not be taken seriously, so please stick to the facts and make sure to include what time (specify what time zone) the incident occurred so that we can research it using channel logs.


1. If you set a ban, use the least restrictive ban, (or channel mode), that you can. Carefully consider whether the ban you set will affect just a few or thousands of other users and channel members.

2. Set bans in E, channel bans should be removed by you. A ban reason should state: 1. the current nick of the offender, if he changes, put more than one, or add, etc. 2. A reason for the ban. Use clear language and don’t use obscenities. it should state: “used foul language”, “ban evading”, “in unacceptable channels”, or a similar reason.

3. Ban length should be in minutes, hours, or days, (minimum ban in E is 5 minutes). Do not set bans for longer than 1 week unless you are a 425 or above. Contact a 450+ op if you feel a ban longer than 7 days should be set.

4. Setting bans for 100d or with foul language will result in loss of access.

Violation of the network’s rules will result in killsĀ and possible network-wide access bans.